Ziggurat Beyond time

Ziggurat Thousands of years ago, the jungle surrounding the ziggurat was the center of a vast and advanced civilization, with a language and culture alien to the jungle-dwellers of today. This civilization built a number of great marble ziggurats used for religious worship, magical research, and burial.

As is the way of empires, the civilization collapsed. The civilization’s ruins remain in the world. At least one of its ziggurats survived largely intact. It did so because it drifts in time and space, holding one of the fallen civilization’s greatest treasures: the Deluvian Peom. This artifact, created at the dawn of time, was believed to play an important role to play in the end of the world.

The builders of the ziggurat locked the poem up to forestall anyone meddling with it and bringing about a premature apocalypse. Long after the ziggurat builders’ empire fell, warped creatures known as the sebaceans found the ancient pyramid. They had a very different idea: seize the Deluvian Poem and hold it for the Mad Architects, their masters from the Far Realm.

Sebaceans care little for the affairs of those in this cosmos, mortal or immortal. They await only the arrival of the Mad Architects. When the Mad Architects appear, the sebaceans plan to present them with the Deluvian Poem. Then the sebaceans hope to help the Mad Architects twist and mold reality. The Mad Architects might arrive tomorrow, or they could arrive in a century. The sebaceans don’t know how long they must wait. But they’re not subject to normal perceptions of time. Eternally patient and hopelessly malevolent, and aided by the ziggurat’s space outside normal time, they endure. They while away the time reshaping apes from the jungle into their servitors.

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Ziggurat Beyond time

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