Zeemot The only thing rivaling the city’s secrecy is the legend and lore about it. Zeemot’s location is unknown to a vast majority of the population but the legends behind it are powerful. Ranging from the birthplace of the Elven race to simply being a giant goose chase for treasure hunters and profiteers who strike out to the Eldeen reaches for fortune and glory. The city’s actual construction, for the lucky who’ve been honored to grace its presence, is an achievement of architectural design. The City is built into the forrest that conceals it, suspended about 80% into the air, with the last 20% being mostly defensive structures, still concealed to the wandering adventurer’s eye.

The designs gracefully utilize the strength of the trees, and their chaotic growth at the same time, allowing different platforms built on the treetops to shift and move with the forests growth and decay. Travel is relatively easy within the city, as one can see the features of the city from almost any height within it. The natural formations of rocks, waterfalls, and vegetation compose a lot of the connecting pieces of the city, with hospitable structures built within the trees. This unique design prevents the city’s layout to be 100% the same as time progresses, although this change is very subtle, but over the course of decades, someone’s house may not be in the same location, height, or even size as the forest grows and dies around it.

The commerce within the city is pretty self-sufficient. Being united with nature, the elves producer and maintain their own food and supplies, generating a culture that demands what it can produce. The few that do travel outside of the city bring back tales of technology, development, and strange commercial items like spices and food not normally available to forest dwellers. The city likes to maintain its independent and reliance on nature, treating those returning with unnatural goods as treats and learning experiences, but not enough to change their way of life that has maintained a status of equilibrium for eons.

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