Well Of Travel

Wellof travel The well of travel is an extra-dimensional place that connects mystical locations together in Eberron to this one central room. The entrances/exits of the tunnels all lead into the well room, and in this room the walls can be shifted to yield different paths.

The known entrances/exits to the well are: Castle Velmore, The Gazing Giant, and Flamekeep. Other locations exist as well but are not known yet.

The architects of the well are unknown, but the power association with this extra-dimensional travel is apparent. The stone construction is very caring, and appears to be almost NeoRoman in style and delivery and the plane of existence the Well is in is very picturesque and tranquil. The manipulation of the well also manipulates the sun and moon of this plane, giving more insight into the power used in the creation of this plane.

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Well Of Travel

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