The Watchers

The watchers The Watchers are a sect within Zeemot lead by Ish-Tanor. They comprise another arm of government, providing spiritual and divine insight for The Three Matrons, the guidance of Zeemot, and the people within her natural walls.

Their process of divination are of ancient, druidic origins, similar to the Orcs of the demon wastes and those that sealed the gates on Eberron many decades ago. They have grown to include other methods of their own origins involving the burning and laying of certain trees, plants, and other natural substances like this. This process is seeded in the belief that life is governed by a certain force that, when killed, can spell out its processes and intentions.

The Watchers also utilize the heavens and the bodies included in the skies. Some theorize that they are the original architects of The Gazing Giant but those words do not travel far for a plethora of reasons.

Some say with Ish-tanor’s guidance of The Watchers some decades ago, the spiritual path has been slowly skewing from its original purpose. The inception of more quickly executed decisions have tricked their way to the lips of The Watchers, and many find it almost unsettling: for the growth of nature does not live on man’s lifetime, but of ones similar to the Dragons. Ish-tanor’s platform is that these decisions are budding flowers of long planted seeds, and the ultimate destination is not yet clear.

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The Watchers

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