The Protectors

The protectors The protectors are the last arm of government in Zeemot. They are the muscle, they are the iron gate, they are the protectors. These very militant elves ride atop the majestic hippogryphs into battle, striking with both deft speed and accuracy. The champion of the Protectors is Lyanos, a stern, observant champion, who’d rather speak with logic than raise an erratic hand.

The growth and development of a Protector begins at birth. The families that wish to give their sons over to the Protectors are honored with the highest of honor trophies and the knowledge that they have possibly produced a protector. This does not happen often, because should the child be ill-fit in his growth to be a Protector, the whole family is scorn as failures in the City, so families choose wisely weather they want their son involved in the regiment training and possible sacrifice of their family name. This also means that certain families are known for their production of the finest of warriors for Zeemot.

The current political weight of The Protectors is quite jaded over the last couple centuries. A quiet murmur rumbles about the schism within the troupe. The Protectors have always been the third leg of the governing force of Zeemot, but as of late, rumor has it that the main body of the Protectors side with Ish-Tanor and his Watchers. This harks back to the days of yore, when the city was mostly spiritually driven and linked with nature and her development. Lately, with Lyanos as the champion, his actions are based on the logic of the current situation and not the age old methods of guidance and determination, lending his actions to more side with Feleres, youngest of The Matrons.

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The Protectors

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