Xenenna and Corenas

"Elder" Sisters of the Three Matrons


The two “eldest” sisters of the Three Matrons seem to hold the majority of governing power in Zeemot, despite all three sisters being equal in age. Their complexions are withered and old, as if famished of life itself. Some comment that their complexion is reflective of the stress they endure as the true leaders of Zeemot, while Feleres galavants around the forest, ignorant of the true work that is required to govern an ancient city, while others say their looks are linked to burned out suns that used to revolve around Eberron.

Their manners are more brash, and decisions more conservative compared to that of Feleres. Their perception has waxed and waned from listening to The Watchers’ request to hark the ancient ways of deciding the future path of Zeemot to pulling more practical measures, necessary of a keeping the city hidden from the empires of man, and the changing lands of Khorvaire.


Xenenna and Corenas

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