The Bugbear Strangler

Big, large, and a scowl to kill you with.




 "Funny thing about killing.. Ya' got a minute? Lemme show you somethin' "

With the bulk of his investments residing in the greater Eberron area and facing a potential end of the world prophecy, the nefarious crimelord know only as the Big Man was forced to send his number one "fixit man" to accompany Rios and Ork on their quest to save Filock.

The aptly named Bugbear Strangler was assigned as the group's minder to ensure that Rios achieved his goals. The outcome was a trail of lifeless,  asphyxiated  husks that emphasized his namesake. Those that survived one on one encounters with the strangler gave reports of an uncaring sociopath whose singleminded interrogation tactics left lingering physical and psychological scars.

Following the death of the Lord of Fire, the Strangler has returned to spreading death and chaos in the Filock area; this time targeting the newly emerged Lords of Dust.

The Bugbear Strangler

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