Well-ward Travelers

Meetingthe princesAfter meeting up with Rios, it was required to have counsel with King Velmore, to gain more insight into the prophesy and possibly gain a powerful ally. Gaining entry into the castle proved to be quite challenging, as the castle guard’s security was tightened due to unforeseen attacks on Castle Velmore. With Rios finishing loose ends on another mission for the guard, his name was black listed, prohibiting entry into the Castle. With wits and cunning, Rios and the Ork gained other access into the Castle, meeting the lovely Princessa in the process.

It was revealed the the king’s attention was distracted by strange attacks, fiery arrows that came in the night. These arrows seemed to be conjured from thin air, filled with power and force which moral men could muster, could this be a sign of the Lord of Flames’ coming? More motivation to spur the quest of Ork and Rios.

Learning of a powerful observatory in the lands of Eberron, Princessa guided the heroes to a strange portal within Castle Velmore, this portal linked to other portals in the world and one of those passages was to lead to The Gazing Giant, an observatory of ancient construction. Here Ork could tap into constellations and meanings far deeper than his forests had to offer. But they should not dawdle any longer, for Mago’s watchful eye was keeping tabs on Princessa, the King and anyone not of trust in the Castle, including the simple Rios. A book was given to Rios, in which he and Princess could communicate through time and space… a link to a familiar face in a times of despair.

Upon entering the secret and protected portal, Mago caught a glimpse of the heroes as the portal solidified and closed, unsure if he knew what was happening, or where they were headed, the party pressed onwards into the Well Of Travel.



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