Waylaid by Protectors

Waylayedby protectorsWith a destination in mind, it remained a lingering thought… upon exiting The Gazing Giant a group of armored elven soldiers flew in on majestic hippogryphs, eclipsing the setting sun. The leader of the pack, wielding a spear enchanted stone and polished wood, revealed himself to be Lyanos the Headmaster of The Protectors.

With swift diplomacy and fleet of tongue, Lyanos was convinced that Rios and party were acting in the defense of the The Gazing Giant, rather than in it’s pillaging. With the revealing of the Fey Crystal, it sealed the deal even more, and the party mounted with a rider, taking off to their secret city of Zeemot to meet with their leaders.

Flying to Zeemot, towards the setting sun, Lyanos began singing a haunting melody, accompanied with a whistling counter melody by his riders. The horizon burned brightly with the dipping sun, and the city revealed itself amid the bursting forest. With the wind whipping past the riders, the highest of trees presented a landing platform for the flock of land-bound patrons.

The city throbbed with life, embedded in the forest itself, atop the richest and eldest of trees. The party met with Ish-Tanor the leader of The Watchers upon their arrival. A power struggle quickly revealed itself between Lyanos and Ish-tanor, their comments about the observatory being the topic of debate. Lyanos was a patron for the party’s actions, where Ish-tanor was speculative and uncertain of your motives. When Lyanos used the fey crystal’s recovery as more foundation to the party’s noble core, Ish-tanor immediately requested council with The Three Matrons.



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