Bone dragon Within the Ziggurat, many experiences and discoveries were made among the fascinating and intriguing pieces of history. One of the most impacting was the rescue of a Dragonborn paladin, whose quest to find his meaning seemed to have been derailed from time itself. The paladin was removed from his time by over 250 years and found protection and solace among the group of wayward adventurers.

The hallways and stairwells echoed with strange magic that pulsed with powerful energies deep within the temple. It was in the heart of the Ziggurat that the temple’s most formidable enemy was met: a dragon void of flesh and blood, a bone dragon of the greatest necromantic proportions. The protector of the bowels of the temple proved to be a challenge to the party as spells and sword rang true, felling the beast.

Within the deepest parts of the Ziggurt, the Epic poem was lifted from its locked walls, stirring ancient energy from the book. The knowledge contained within the book and poem proved to be a challenge for the party as their mental capacities were tested in the decoding of the ancient dialogue. It was finally revealed that an item, or tool was needed to disenchant the last few pages of the book, giving way to the location of the Lord of Flame.



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