Tie the Knot

Meeting of the mindsMeeting The Three Matrons set the Lord of Fire’s prophesy in stark contrast to the party’s presence in the Secret City. Feleres, the youngest of the Matrons, explained to the party in private that they were fulfilling a prophesy they weren’t even aware of. Their prophesy described that a hero in green would travel a great distance to release the colossus from his slumber. Upon ridding this behemoth of his plague, he would have to destroy the virus once and for all.

This plague turned out to be the Fey Crystal, otherwise known as the Direwood Knot, a gem of foul power, keeping the elves from entering the giant observatory. With the gem recovered and returned, the Matrons were faced with keeping this powerful gem for the City, harnessing its secrets and power for their own use, but in order for Rios and party to fulfill the foretold prophesy, the party would have to steal the gem and destroy it once and for all. Ish-Tanor’s counsel with the Matrons proved to be a heavy handed one. As leader of The Watchers, it was in his duty to study the Direwood Knot and this worried Feleres, for Ish-tanor’s motives were far too seedy and underhanded to quickly pull rank and duty over the Matrons, Rios must fulfill his purpose.

With the knot stashed away and hippogryphs ready to be “borrowed”, the party slipped away in the middle of a deep forest night, meeting Feleres for one last waterfall meeting. She shared her words and gratitude for the small band of adventurers and recognized that they would be cast down as villains in the City’s eyes, but herald as heros in her heart…

With hippogryphs mounted, their escape did not go unnoticed as the finest of Zeemot guards, dispensed by Ish-tanor, were hot on the party’s trail, taking the pursuit to the skies.



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