The Dream

The dreamOrk dreamt heavily in his forest, of prophases that unsettled his mind. A dark cloud forming in the sky and a ominous voice echoing with power “Hail the lord of fire, for he cleanses the land of its sin.” A rapier cut through the clouds, shimmering in the twilight- Rios! This symbol Ork knew of.

The out of body visions took him upwards into this clouds.. these dark, bilious vapors looking more like deep purple rocks, jutting from the heavens. Within these amethyst clouds, a giant pillar of fire sprung out, as if summoned to the center of Ork’s vision, again the rapier was there, as if expecting Ork. The figures of two butterflies flutter out in front of the rapier, cutting off the killing strike. These butterflies seem out of place, almost too gentle for the scene, but the vision was clear: Ork and Rios must stop the Lord of Fire, his presence unknown, but his force evident.



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