Procure the Book

Wagon attacked The Druid proved to be a most interesting character. Meeting him over the course of a week, the party was uncertain wether they were dealing with a shape shifter or simply misinterpreting the Druid’s race…

With his art of Extispicy, the Druid surmounted the culmination of events to a very important book: The Book of the Zuskinlaw Tribe. It was this book that was lifted recently from the spires of the Silver Flame and carried out into the countryside by a band of heroic marauders, it was these men that must be met and dealt with, procuring the book and its information; information vital to the Lord of Fire.

Jumping the band of smugglers, the party dispatched most of the rival party, using various means of investigation, information gathering, and persuasion to procure a most interesting of Artifacts. Although one bandit managed to slip away from the grasp of the party, their goal was achieved, and the incident was made to look like an accident.

With tome in hand, the return to The Druid yielded another animal sacrifice and another link in the growing chain, a hopeful chain of binding for the Lord of Flame. A secret Ziggurat was given form among the dripping and pulsing entrails of a slaughter gopher. This Ziggurat, removed from time and place, yielded a very important epic poem within its halls. This poem was the key to deciphering the Zuskinlaw book.

The Ziggurat’s location was relatively unknown, except for a mystical passage through the Well Of Travel. A quick stay in Thrane set the party back on track, but the Druid warned that the Silver Flame paid handsomely for the stolen book and would not let its absence remain for long.



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