Inside The Giant

Insidethe giantAs extra dimensional way of traveling the lands of Eberron, the well’s power is contained in it’s own pocket-plane with its own rules and time. Utilizing the different wall depictions, time of day above the well, and what appeared inside it, passage was found to The Gazing Giant. The cryptic wall verse that ringed the circular well room haunted the party as they revealed it: ”...looking for the truth requires looking to the skies requires looking for the truth requires…” Exiting the passageway with these words in mind, the party appeared to be isolated within the Ironhorn Mountains, between the Ork’s forest and the demon wastes.

The surprising observatory was an architectural nightmare, bound to the mountain chain itself, hidden to the unobservant eye. Inside the giant, an old hag greeted the adventurers with pleas of mercy and need. This old hag’s desire of a crystal within the Giant’s chambers did not bode well to the wise heroes. Upon traversing the ancient structure, the heroes discovered that the observatory needed to be rebuilt from within. Pieces were strewn about that controlled the direction and positioning of the giant glass telescope that could peer deep into the skies of Siberys. The heroes reached the upper levels of the giant, finding and recovered what the hag had been looking for, she began to take another form the one of a demon that was bound deep within her. This ancient beast’s journey had been resolved, and the heroes were met with a new task in the Giant: survival.



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