Guidance From the Skies

Guidance fromtheskiesThe hag provided an exciting climax to the exploration of The Gazing Giant. Her death provided the heroes with a unique gem, a fey crystal that seemed to vibrate with such a delicate frequency. This brilliant pink gem seemed to be in the Hag’s interest, so it was quickly stored away, put aside after the discovery of the Druid Pages. This “book” was composed of giant stone pages and built into the stone alter the pages were cut from. With its own control panel to turn the pages, Ork figured out the basics of this “book”, manipulating the crystal obelisks that dipped and raised with each turning page. The draconic writing, mixed with ancient druidic, orcish, and even common gave insight into a eon’s lifetime of work and observation.

Discovering stanza’s related to the Lord of Fire, the exact positioning of the telescope was found and entered into an untrustworthy telescope on the floor above it. Ork risked his life and eyes, becoming connected with the telescope as his gaze was sent skyward onto a unique array of stars, dragonshards, and astral spray… revealing their next step: the symbol of the Silver flame appeared, swirling with the astral winds into the form of a little girl- Flamekeep was their target, the Lord of Fire was their enemy and their way illuminated.



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