Cut the Knot

Hag lake The exciting chase through the skies lead to an untimely end, as the party crashed down into the forest below them by the hands of the soldiers in pursuit. The party was left to fend for themselves in the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches and make passage to the lake by foot. This lake, said to weaken the protective powers of the gem, was protected by another Hag, similar to the one destroyed at The Gazing Giant.

A furious battle, lead to the destruction of the Knot, rendering its power no more. The pursuit of this gem foretold of its power, and the party felt assured they had done the right thing in destroying it.

With the newly discovered clue, the party began their trek to Flamekeep. With some assistance in the form of a mechanized spider, and equally mechanized Roc, the party gained speedy travel to the Fortress of the Silver Flame. In the city, the party was unsure of their next step. The stars foretold the Silver Flame, but Flamekeep was sealed tight as recent destruction to the lightning rail had caused turmoil in the city.

Rumors of assailants in the main chambers of Flamekeep ran rampant through the streets, many questioned the extension of Day of Cleansing as it coupled with Tirasday, the once a year anniversary of Tira, the champion of the flame.

But a strange stall put all these rumors aside. Fastened to the posts of the stall was a sign depicting Rios’ name, the name comprised of words, words that foretold of his coming… they had met The Druid.



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