Death at 1000 Feet

Thanks to Strangles’ discovery, a recent printing of the Korranburg Chronicles reported a most horrendous murder in the heights of Sharn’s “Little Xen’Drik” within the Menthis Plateau. The stolen item was a discovered Xen’Drik pen matching the drawing within The Book of the Zuskinlaw Tribe. The party immediately fled Castle Velmore, despite recent news of the employment of mercenaries from outside of Filock’s boarders floating on the whispers of the public. The hanging airship over Castle Velmore did not bode well, but with little time to spare, the party made haste to Sharn to uncover the murderer of 4 shop owners and 1 Orien courier.


Bone dragon Within the Ziggurat, many experiences and discoveries were made among the fascinating and intriguing pieces of history. One of the most impacting was the rescue of a Dragonborn paladin, whose quest to find his meaning seemed to have been derailed from time itself. The paladin was removed from his time by over 250 years and found protection and solace among the group of wayward adventurers.

The hallways and stairwells echoed with strange magic that pulsed with powerful energies deep within the temple. It was in the heart of the Ziggurat that the temple’s most formidable enemy was met: a dragon void of flesh and blood, a bone dragon of the greatest necromantic proportions. The protector of the bowels of the temple proved to be a challenge to the party as spells and sword rang true, felling the beast.

Within the deepest parts of the Ziggurt, the Epic poem was lifted from its locked walls, stirring ancient energy from the book. The knowledge contained within the book and poem proved to be a challenge for the party as their mental capacities were tested in the decoding of the ancient dialogue. It was finally revealed that an item, or tool was needed to disenchant the last few pages of the book, giving way to the location of the Lord of Flame.

Procure the Book

Wagon attacked The Druid proved to be a most interesting character. Meeting him over the course of a week, the party was uncertain wether they were dealing with a shape shifter or simply misinterpreting the Druid’s race…

With his art of Extispicy, the Druid surmounted the culmination of events to a very important book: The Book of the Zuskinlaw Tribe. It was this book that was lifted recently from the spires of the Silver Flame and carried out into the countryside by a band of heroic marauders, it was these men that must be met and dealt with, procuring the book and its information; information vital to the Lord of Fire.

Jumping the band of smugglers, the party dispatched most of the rival party, using various means of investigation, information gathering, and persuasion to procure a most interesting of Artifacts. Although one bandit managed to slip away from the grasp of the party, their goal was achieved, and the incident was made to look like an accident.

With tome in hand, the return to The Druid yielded another animal sacrifice and another link in the growing chain, a hopeful chain of binding for the Lord of Flame. A secret Ziggurat was given form among the dripping and pulsing entrails of a slaughter gopher. This Ziggurat, removed from time and place, yielded a very important epic poem within its halls. This poem was the key to deciphering the Zuskinlaw book.

The Ziggurat’s location was relatively unknown, except for a mystical passage through the Well Of Travel. A quick stay in Thrane set the party back on track, but the Druid warned that the Silver Flame paid handsomely for the stolen book and would not let its absence remain for long.

Cut the Knot

Hag lake The exciting chase through the skies lead to an untimely end, as the party crashed down into the forest below them by the hands of the soldiers in pursuit. The party was left to fend for themselves in the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches and make passage to the lake by foot. This lake, said to weaken the protective powers of the gem, was protected by another Hag, similar to the one destroyed at The Gazing Giant.

A furious battle, lead to the destruction of the Knot, rendering its power no more. The pursuit of this gem foretold of its power, and the party felt assured they had done the right thing in destroying it.

With the newly discovered clue, the party began their trek to Flamekeep. With some assistance in the form of a mechanized spider, and equally mechanized Roc, the party gained speedy travel to the Fortress of the Silver Flame. In the city, the party was unsure of their next step. The stars foretold the Silver Flame, but Flamekeep was sealed tight as recent destruction to the lightning rail had caused turmoil in the city.

Rumors of assailants in the main chambers of Flamekeep ran rampant through the streets, many questioned the extension of Day of Cleansing as it coupled with Tirasday, the once a year anniversary of Tira, the champion of the flame.

But a strange stall put all these rumors aside. Fastened to the posts of the stall was a sign depicting Rios’ name, the name comprised of words, words that foretold of his coming… they had met The Druid.

Tie the Knot

Meeting of the mindsMeeting The Three Matrons set the Lord of Fire’s prophesy in stark contrast to the party’s presence in the Secret City. Feleres, the youngest of the Matrons, explained to the party in private that they were fulfilling a prophesy they weren’t even aware of. Their prophesy described that a hero in green would travel a great distance to release the colossus from his slumber. Upon ridding this behemoth of his plague, he would have to destroy the virus once and for all.

This plague turned out to be the Fey Crystal, otherwise known as the Direwood Knot, a gem of foul power, keeping the elves from entering the giant observatory. With the gem recovered and returned, the Matrons were faced with keeping this powerful gem for the City, harnessing its secrets and power for their own use, but in order for Rios and party to fulfill the foretold prophesy, the party would have to steal the gem and destroy it once and for all. Ish-Tanor’s counsel with the Matrons proved to be a heavy handed one. As leader of The Watchers, it was in his duty to study the Direwood Knot and this worried Feleres, for Ish-tanor’s motives were far too seedy and underhanded to quickly pull rank and duty over the Matrons, Rios must fulfill his purpose.

With the knot stashed away and hippogryphs ready to be “borrowed”, the party slipped away in the middle of a deep forest night, meeting Feleres for one last waterfall meeting. She shared her words and gratitude for the small band of adventurers and recognized that they would be cast down as villains in the City’s eyes, but herald as heros in her heart…

With hippogryphs mounted, their escape did not go unnoticed as the finest of Zeemot guards, dispensed by Ish-tanor, were hot on the party’s trail, taking the pursuit to the skies.

Waylaid by Protectors

Waylayedby protectorsWith a destination in mind, it remained a lingering thought… upon exiting The Gazing Giant a group of armored elven soldiers flew in on majestic hippogryphs, eclipsing the setting sun. The leader of the pack, wielding a spear enchanted stone and polished wood, revealed himself to be Lyanos the Headmaster of The Protectors.

With swift diplomacy and fleet of tongue, Lyanos was convinced that Rios and party were acting in the defense of the The Gazing Giant, rather than in it’s pillaging. With the revealing of the Fey Crystal, it sealed the deal even more, and the party mounted with a rider, taking off to their secret city of Zeemot to meet with their leaders.

Flying to Zeemot, towards the setting sun, Lyanos began singing a haunting melody, accompanied with a whistling counter melody by his riders. The horizon burned brightly with the dipping sun, and the city revealed itself amid the bursting forest. With the wind whipping past the riders, the highest of trees presented a landing platform for the flock of land-bound patrons.

The city throbbed with life, embedded in the forest itself, atop the richest and eldest of trees. The party met with Ish-Tanor the leader of The Watchers upon their arrival. A power struggle quickly revealed itself between Lyanos and Ish-tanor, their comments about the observatory being the topic of debate. Lyanos was a patron for the party’s actions, where Ish-tanor was speculative and uncertain of your motives. When Lyanos used the fey crystal’s recovery as more foundation to the party’s noble core, Ish-tanor immediately requested council with The Three Matrons.

Guidance From the Skies

Guidance fromtheskiesThe hag provided an exciting climax to the exploration of The Gazing Giant. Her death provided the heroes with a unique gem, a fey crystal that seemed to vibrate with such a delicate frequency. This brilliant pink gem seemed to be in the Hag’s interest, so it was quickly stored away, put aside after the discovery of the Druid Pages. This “book” was composed of giant stone pages and built into the stone alter the pages were cut from. With its own control panel to turn the pages, Ork figured out the basics of this “book”, manipulating the crystal obelisks that dipped and raised with each turning page. The draconic writing, mixed with ancient druidic, orcish, and even common gave insight into a eon’s lifetime of work and observation.

Discovering stanza’s related to the Lord of Fire, the exact positioning of the telescope was found and entered into an untrustworthy telescope on the floor above it. Ork risked his life and eyes, becoming connected with the telescope as his gaze was sent skyward onto a unique array of stars, dragonshards, and astral spray… revealing their next step: the symbol of the Silver flame appeared, swirling with the astral winds into the form of a little girl- Flamekeep was their target, the Lord of Fire was their enemy and their way illuminated.

Inside The Giant

Insidethe giantAs extra dimensional way of traveling the lands of Eberron, the well’s power is contained in it’s own pocket-plane with its own rules and time. Utilizing the different wall depictions, time of day above the well, and what appeared inside it, passage was found to The Gazing Giant. The cryptic wall verse that ringed the circular well room haunted the party as they revealed it: ”...looking for the truth requires looking to the skies requires looking for the truth requires…” Exiting the passageway with these words in mind, the party appeared to be isolated within the Ironhorn Mountains, between the Ork’s forest and the demon wastes.

The surprising observatory was an architectural nightmare, bound to the mountain chain itself, hidden to the unobservant eye. Inside the giant, an old hag greeted the adventurers with pleas of mercy and need. This old hag’s desire of a crystal within the Giant’s chambers did not bode well to the wise heroes. Upon traversing the ancient structure, the heroes discovered that the observatory needed to be rebuilt from within. Pieces were strewn about that controlled the direction and positioning of the giant glass telescope that could peer deep into the skies of Siberys. The heroes reached the upper levels of the giant, finding and recovered what the hag had been looking for, she began to take another form the one of a demon that was bound deep within her. This ancient beast’s journey had been resolved, and the heroes were met with a new task in the Giant: survival.

Well-ward Travelers

Meetingthe princesAfter meeting up with Rios, it was required to have counsel with King Velmore, to gain more insight into the prophesy and possibly gain a powerful ally. Gaining entry into the castle proved to be quite challenging, as the castle guard’s security was tightened due to unforeseen attacks on Castle Velmore. With Rios finishing loose ends on another mission for the guard, his name was black listed, prohibiting entry into the Castle. With wits and cunning, Rios and the Ork gained other access into the Castle, meeting the lovely Princessa in the process.

It was revealed the the king’s attention was distracted by strange attacks, fiery arrows that came in the night. These arrows seemed to be conjured from thin air, filled with power and force which moral men could muster, could this be a sign of the Lord of Flames’ coming? More motivation to spur the quest of Ork and Rios.

Learning of a powerful observatory in the lands of Eberron, Princessa guided the heroes to a strange portal within Castle Velmore, this portal linked to other portals in the world and one of those passages was to lead to The Gazing Giant, an observatory of ancient construction. Here Ork could tap into constellations and meanings far deeper than his forests had to offer. But they should not dawdle any longer, for Mago’s watchful eye was keeping tabs on Princessa, the King and anyone not of trust in the Castle, including the simple Rios. A book was given to Rios, in which he and Princess could communicate through time and space… a link to a familiar face in a times of despair.

Upon entering the secret and protected portal, Mago caught a glimpse of the heroes as the portal solidified and closed, unsure if he knew what was happening, or where they were headed, the party pressed onwards into the Well Of Travel.

The Dream

The dreamOrk dreamt heavily in his forest, of prophases that unsettled his mind. A dark cloud forming in the sky and a ominous voice echoing with power “Hail the lord of fire, for he cleanses the land of its sin.” A rapier cut through the clouds, shimmering in the twilight- Rios! This symbol Ork knew of.

The out of body visions took him upwards into this clouds.. these dark, bilious vapors looking more like deep purple rocks, jutting from the heavens. Within these amethyst clouds, a giant pillar of fire sprung out, as if summoned to the center of Ork’s vision, again the rapier was there, as if expecting Ork. The figures of two butterflies flutter out in front of the rapier, cutting off the killing strike. These butterflies seem out of place, almost too gentle for the scene, but the vision was clear: Ork and Rios must stop the Lord of Fire, his presence unknown, but his force evident.


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