Divider It is very odd: A dream that invokes fear of a burning lord, the interception of a lost Dragon born, seemingly without purpose, and a girl – powerless but with so much importance. Thus is the hero’s journey – Odd.

Pieces without shape, a puzzle unknowingly solved. Sinister motives wrapped in mystery, intrigue, and destiny. A problem unveiled, a disaster unleashed, the mirror’s reflection never looked so dishonorable, but true honor is gained from the solving of one’s problems. The solution unclear, but the choice remains….

What is the Remedy? What is the Choice?

Rios- Volume 2: The Recovery. Weighty tome(Volume 2)!


Night terrors and a bad omen. A wise mentor and a courageous man. Unexplained meanings, but chaos looms in the future. A quest to complete, the path unclear, this is the hero’s journey.

The castle attacked by a ring of fire, a death-defying choice and a death-defying escape from a hidden forest city. An ancient observatory and a delve into the depths of Kyber all to stop the Lord of Fire…

What is the Meaning? What is the Solution?

Rios- Volume 1: The Prophesy. Lord of fire



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